Windows 11 and App Compatibility, Don’t Worry…According to Microsoft

Microsoft officially announced Windows 11. Since June 24, questions about it, especially about application compatibility, have multiplied.

Access Windows 11 especially in the face material recommendations imposed by Microsoft. Currently this operating system will not be fully compatible with the Global Information Park. The latest information announces only that it supports processors of eight generations or later. Obviously, many Windows 7 PCs won’t qualify.

Fortunately, some configurations will still be able to meet the needs of this new operating system. In this case, application compatibility is critical for businesses. It is essential to know before starting the migration whether the entire Windows 7 software ecosystem will be able to operate without any difficulty in the Windows 11 environment. Otherwise, the risk is very high. This explains the option to wait by putting off the inevitable as late as possible.

One of the best examples is Windows 7. Although it has been abandoned for over a year, this Windows is still the second most used operating system in the world. Still popular.

Windows 11 and Application Compatibility

To get back to Windows 11, Microsoft wants to reassure you by pointing out that you don’t have to worry about app compatibility. According to her, Windows 7 users have no reason not to upgrade to this version. she determines

“Microsoft is committed to ensuring that your apps run on the latest versions of our software and that Windows 11 was built with that compatibility in mind. We promise that apps that run on Windows 7/8.1/10 will work on Windows 11. If you have apps support, Microsoft will help you fix them.” Free when needed. Application support is a service that helps customers resolve application issues they may encounter while deploying the latest version of our software.”

Windows 11 is expected to arrive as a free upgrade for eligible devices in the later months of 2021.

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