William Shatner’s spaceflight will be featured on Amazon Prime

Captain Kirk’s interpreter from Star Trek flew into space last October aboard the Blue Origin capsule. Amazon Prime will return on this trip in a one-hour program.

Actor William Shatner’s spaceflight will be the subject of a documentary. Amazon Prime Video is preparing a one-hour program called Shatner in space On this 10-minute expedition, which took place on October 12th. This epic short had symbolic value as the 90-year-old Canadian comedian played Captain Kirk Star Trek, on screens small and big, from the ’60s to the ’90s.

“This moment in space was the deepest experience I could ever imagine,” the actor said in a statement. diverse. “This program chronicling my flight presents this experience as a movie, and I hope it makes the world realize that we need to go into space to save Earth.”

Unconfirmed date

As mentioned diverseAnd Shatner in space He will return to preparing for the expedition, the voyage itself, and beyond. The film will be available on December 15 in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. A date has not been revealed for France, but the US magazine has reported that the film will be available in other countries in early 2022.

William Shatner went into space with three other passengers aboard the Blue Origin capsule, the space company founded by billionaire Jeff Bezos. Upon his return to Earth, the actor described this ten minutes as the “wildest experience” of his life. “Everyone should do that,” he added. At the age of 90, he became the oldest person in history to travel into space.

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