Will the NHL move open the door to the Blue Jays’ return to Toronto?

The past few days have witnessed developments in the case of amateurs returning to the stands of various Canadian sporting events. It started with fans returning to the stands in the Montreal Canadiens, Who just passed Maple Leaves last night.

In the NHL, the Canadian would face the Winnipeg Jets in the second round. During the matches to be held in Montreal, there will be no less than 2,500 fans in the stands.

Yesterday we learned that The Leafs has the right to welcome 550 fans. We are talking about health workers who have been vaccinated twice.

This is encouraging news because the Toronto Blue Jays want to go home. Starting today, they will again play regular season matches in Buffalo versus Miami – if they can’t play it in Toronto.

But the really encouraging news from the NHL is that we are expecting to see the NHL Receive OK today so that the team that will win the series between the Jets and the Canadiens can play their matches on their home turf… and that, even if one or more American clubs is the opponent.

This is necessarily Game changer. After all, agreeing to bring American clubs into the country by lifting their mandatory quarantine is to take them to another level.

If the NHL considers that Public Health Canada accepts such a request to practice a sport indoors, one must ask the following question: Is it a matter of time before we see MLB receive the same approval?

Officially, we have no news.

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Based on the official MLB schedule, games at Buffalo are scheduled until all-star break. After that, there is no official venue for the Toronto club’s matches at home.

Since the team has things to move in and has made renovations in Buffalo, we suspect they won’t be there in two games, for example. The club will want to get home ASAP, but not too quickly.

Too early to move on a date. The development of the virus and vaccine in Ontario will play a role, as will the number of supporters accepted into the stands in New York State and Ontario.

But let’s say that from Blue Jays’ point of view, seeing the file’s evolution is a good sign. Regular season matches can be played at Ville Rennes this summer / fall.

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