Will the Netflix series have a season 3?

Almost two years after the release of the first season, Shadow and bones Returns (finally) this Thursday, March 16, 2023. And if the new episodes were just revealed, fans are already wondering if a sequel is even planned.

A true phenomenon on Netflix, Season 1 of Shadow and bones It has attracted nearly 55 million subscribers. A massive success that allowed it to be renewed for a 2 season, which was put online through the platform. What about next?

Shadow and bones Renewed for season 3?

If the wonderful universe Shadow and bones You’ve already missed it, don’t panic, because a third season is possible. Even before the second was announced, showrunner Eric Heisserer revealed to collider The series is designed for at least three seasons. Good news then, because that means a sequel is being planned if Netflix decides to renew it. Especially since the literary epic from which the series was drawn is rich in novels waiting to be quoted.

As of now, SVOD has not announced the third season for Shadow and bones. Netflix is ​​waiting to see the audience of the second to check if the success is still there. But looking square one, fans of the great series will have to splurge on these eight unreleased titles. Only time will tell, but in the meantime you can devour Season 2, available now on Netflix.

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