Will the 21st century be the end of the ruins and the Great Barrier Reef?

In November 2021 Peter Eckott published a book titled “ World heritage is in danger “to me Previous/combined versions. He presents exceptional sites such as Angkor, Palmyra, Giza, Delos, Nazca, Carthage, or even, among many others, Venice and Pompeii … sites threatened by what he calls “The Seven Strikes” Of the world’s archaeological heritage: urbanization, looting, mass tourism, deliberate destruction, neglect, arbitrary restoration, and climate change. The archaeologist insists that these wonderful sites must be protected, and that what cannot be saved must be studied and documented! Peter Eckhout issues the alarm until ” The twenty-first century is not the end of ruin ! “

Listen to the interview here Peter Eckhot presents his book on France Bleu.

Rafael Valdez has also published a book co-authored with Peter Eycott. Worthy Agua, technologia y ritual The work deals with hydraulic function and cosmology in the pre-Hispanic world. Produced in collaboration with Milton Luján and Kevin Lane, the book is based on the proceedings of an international symposium, organized in Lima in 2018, dedicated to the topic of water-related technology and worship in Andean culture.

Peter Eckhout is a member American Archaeological Societythe College of Archaeologists of Peru and founding member of the European Scientific Coordination Network “Past Crises in the Americas” (CNRS). He is also a member of the board responsible for the overseas excavations of the Center for Research in Archeology (CREA) from ULB.

From 2016 to 2018 he developed, together with Artie, the series of documentaries ” Archaeological surveys Since then, he has pursued this parallel career devoted to spreading science, contributing to other television documentaries related to archeology including ” Children of the Sun: The Incas This Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 9:45 p.m. on Arte.

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