Will Smith confirms his desire to go into politics

The Americans did not end by surprising us I Am Legend In the White House, there is only one step. We remember Ronald Reagan, The star of the West, who became the 40th President of the United States, but alsoArnold Schwarzenegger, Who stopped his career to become governor of California.

And after the rapper Kanye WestCandidate for the 2020 US Presidential Election on Will SmithAnnounces its ambitions for the United States.

In an interview with the magazine The Hollywood Reporter, The 47-year-old has confirmed his desire Make a permanent commitment to political life. After condemning racism in Hollywood, among other things, he made it clear that he wanted to “make his voice heard differently” in order to “make himself useful” better.

I think there is a potential future for me

With the United States just emerging from a fierce election campaign, the actor and rapper want to leave the entertainment world to the world of ‘Political game’.

In order to integrate into this world of shark politics, the actor relies on his notoriety to spread his convictions. In a ring Pod of Saving Americathe subject He confirmed his words : “I will definitely play my papers, whether it’s always in the artistic field or, at some point, in the political arena.”

More and more commitment Equal rights in America, Looks like an actor with a fulfilling career might have a card to play in reuniting a fractured America. Case to follow.

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