Will it be broadcast on Netflix?

It’s not out yet and the sixth season of Foreigner It is already wreaking havoc all over the world. Since the end of filming was announced on June 1, fans have grown increasingly anxious every day. However, it should be noted that the same production has confirmed that there will not be any new chapters until next year.

The picture in which Stars confirmed the end of filming.

There were six episodes filmed for the next version of Foreigner Additional 90 minutes. Despite the disappointment this caused for followers of Jamie and Claire’s story, they were able to get along with fans, and also confirmed that in 2022 they will start filming season seven. I mean, there’s been a freezer for a while.

However, for all believers in this story who reside in Latin America, the question is the same: When is it coming to Netflix? Well, the logical thing is that if the series ends broadcasting on Starz in the middle of next year, it will be shared on the streaming giant by the second half of 2022 or at the latest, early 2023. However, now a problem has arisen and the imagination may not make it to the platform .

for beyond Amazon Prime Video now owns the rights to broadcast in Latin America. Additionally, the first five seasons, which are still available on Netflix, are also available on Amazon but the sixth may be exclusive to the latter. However, all is not lost for those who do not have a user of this on-demand service.

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Apparently, Amazon is dominant with the streaming rights, so this format will create the sixth edition with one chapter per week. That is, after they are launched on Starz, they will hit the platform the following week. But this does not mean that in 2023 the full season will be released on Netflix, as it did in the first.

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