Will Dahmer get a sequel? Netflix announces great news

serial The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story It was a smash hit on Netflix. Now the streaming platform is announcing excellent news, there will be a sequel to this series!

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In fact, Netflix revealed on November 7 that series maker, Ryan Murphy, will be producing at least two more seasons.

Of course, if you listen destroyerYou know, the ten episodes cover the story of this terrible serial killer, and complete the episode at the end.

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So the show will take an anthological turn and change the theme every season! The next two chapters will examine other serial killers who have forever marked history with their unparalleled cruelty.

These things haven’t been revealed yet, but one would expect to see American killers already covered on Netflix. We think especially of Ted Bundy recently played by Zac Efron, or the killer aka BTK that we can take a look at. Idea hunter.

destroyer It broke records on Netflix, amassing at least 900 million hours of viewing on the platform. However, many criticized the choice to highlight a killer who primarily attacked black men who were part of the LGBT community.

In addition to this announcement, Netflix revealed that observer He will also return for a second season. Also based on a true story, the first season of observer It tells of a strange case of a family being molested by a maniac stranger in their home.

Since the conclusion of the story’s first season, we’re expecting another anthology series, perhaps in some strange cases this time around.

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