Why sell his best player?

He buys where a discount players. Reinvestfinancial allowance. a Resale Ratio. Are all these concepts foreign to you? Let’s try to find answers to your questions.

What are the exact transfer details?

Let’s start with a quick explanation of the concept of transfer in football. If you are already familiar with this, you can skip the next paragraph.

When a team sells a player to another for a sum of money, this amount constitutes a form of compensation to the selling club releasing the player from his current contract, allowing him to sign a new contract with the club. Buyer. In North American sports, when one player is traded for another, contracts remain in effect, as they were technically signed with the league. This is also the case during the exchange between two MLS teams.

In the case that concerns us, the Montreal club will move, on January 1, 2023, Djurghi Mihajlovic to Arizona for an amount that the two clubs agreed to keep secret, but various media outlets put it in the range of five to six million dollars. .

the amount, It’s more or less in that waterhe pointed cautiously to Montreal sporting director Olivier Renard, who added that the agreement included some Items, whether in bonuses or percentages for the next conversion. In short, if AZ sells Djordje Mihailovic to another club in a few years, Montreal will receive a small envelope.

The team is good with him. Why are you selling it now?

For many people, this is the big question. Why is the team happy with the departure of the best player? Among the comments received by this writer since this announcement: disrespect for supporters It was even mentioned.

Concept. In the NHL, for example, the passing of the best player on the team is often synonymous with rebuilding, with a few lean years — or unsalted tofu, dependent on — into the future.

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In football, anything is still possible. Atlanta qualified for the MLS playoffs and won the US Cup after the departure of Miguel Almiron. Philadelphia is wrapping up an impressive second season without Brendan Aaronson. Ricardo Pepe’s performances in 2021 earned him a move to Germany, despite Dallas’ disastrous season. The Texas team is currently ranked 4th in the West.

If there is any disrespect it will probably be from the club towards Mihajlovic if he is not allowed to live his dream. Once in Montreal at the end of 2020, he laid his cards on the table: Europe was a target. Mihajlovic knew it, Renard knew it, even coach Wilfrid Nancy knew it.

Nancy also confirmed that I am very happy that he made this choice, because Djurgy needs a good environment. As a coach, we have to win games, but we also have to help the players progress. Anyway, that’s what I think. And in the club he is heading to, I know very well, there is a great idea of ​​the game, and this club can continue to improve Djurghi, whether as a man or as a player.

OK then. Does Montreal Get The Full Transfer Fee, At Least?

No, here we enter a misty room.

As in other major North American circuits, MLS players are technically under contract with the league. Therefore, it determines the rules for the redistribution of transfer fees.

The regulations state that when transferring a player who has not been trained at the club or is not part of theU22 . initiativeThe selling club receives 95% of the compensation. But by the picturesque coincidence that the American League has its secret, Djorji Mihajlovic, even if he trained in Chicago, is considered club coach player in Montreal. In these cases, MLS leaves the entire compensation to the club.

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On the other hand, when Mihajlovic switched from Fire to Impact in December 2020, the two clubs agreed that the Illinois team would receive a certain percentage of compensation – 10%, it is believed – if Mihailovic was sold one day. Olivier Renard and AZ did not invent anything.

The transfer is announced a few months before it takes effect. Does this mean that Mihajlovic is on loan to Montreal until the end of the season?

not at all. The transfer will simply be activated on January 1st. The MLS transfer window is closed anyway, which means Montreal could not get Mihailovic on loan at this point in the season.

And if it had to be done this way, sleight of hand would be hideous. to get A former MLS player who returns after joining a non-MLS club for a transfer fee of at least $500,000in the words of the elegant regulation, the club must pass through customization process.

This mechanism involves a priority order created at the beginning of the season by reversing the order of the previous order. The team that wants to use it can make an exchange with another, in a better position than him, in order to have priority over the player he wants. Thus, CF Montreal, who is seventh in the priority standings, must have exchanged assets with another team to reacquire their player on loan.

I feel dizzy. Not you?


Let’s say Montreal has an additional six million dollars in its bank account. Does this mean that the club will reinvest the six million in new players?

not necessarily. According to chairman Gabriel Jervis, the club’s staff will step back to do some analysis and present a reinvestment plan for owner Joey Saputo.

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If we can keep repeating [de tels transferts]It will allow us to invest more, both on the athletic side and on the management side, because we also need to strengthen certain teams in the organization in order to improve our brand in the community, Jervis said. For me, it’s just as important as finding other players or strengthening the team. We have to balance everything and then we will see what is the best return on investment for the club.

And if you think buying a $3 million player is as good or better than a $500,000 player, Renard added, you’re wrong. I think we’ve shown, in recent months, that the value of the player he bought is not necessarily the value when he leaves. And the proof with Djordje: He left several million, came for a few hundred [de milliers]. We’re talking about the same player, the same person. The important thing is to be the player on time and appreciate it ourselves.

Who will be the next Djorgi Mihajlovic to discover Europe?

Good question. The World Cup in Qatar may give you some clues about the Millers and Johnstons of this world…

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