Why RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 7 is the best season yet

All Stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 features eight previous RuPaul’s Drag Race The winners, who all want to be called the ‘Queen of All Queens’, and the fierce competition could create Herstory’s greatest season yet. While the last six all Stars Seasons feature queens who have already finished in different places, and this is the first season exclusively made up of past winners. Since viewers have been clamoring for this topic for years, RPDR Fans were thrilled when the cast was first announced in April.

The eight winning queens judged on the main stage are Raja (season 3), Jenckx Monsoon (season five), Monét X Change and Trinity the Tuck (Season 3).all stars 4), coli shi (all Stars 5), Yvie Oddly (season 11), Jaida Essence Hall (season 12) and The Vivienne (RPDR United Kingdom Season 1). With everyone unique and talented, RuPaul, Michelle Visage and rotating judges Carson Kressley and Ross Matthews have a challenging judging task ahead. The double winning prize of $200,000 (with a bonus of $10,000 for each lip-sync win) gives the queens even more incentive to do their best.

Plus 14 completed RPDR Seasons in the US, the franchise is also expanding globally, to include drag queens from the UK, Canada and Thailand. From memorable quotes to iconic scenes, there are plenty of RPDR Seasons that stand out for being superior to the rest. RPDR all stars 7 It’s quickly becoming the best season of them all, and here’s why:

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There are no exclusions

In addition to doubling the usual prize money, RPDR All Stars Season 7 features an all-new format. Instead of queens being told to sIn the distance, the first two each week receive a star. The four queens with the most stars at the end of the competition will face off in the ultimate All Stars lip sync battle to determine “Queen of all queens”. Additionally, anyone who wins the first two lip syncers from each episode has the potential to block someone from receiving a star next week. Although it may seem strange that the competition does not involve any exclusion, the movement benefits from it RPDR All Stars Season 7: New rules not only excuse the queens (allowing them to perform better), but fans can’t imagine any precedent RPDR The winner is sent home anyway.

All the stars are taking risks

Because there are no deletes in RPDR All Stars In season seven, the queens take every opportunity to push themselves as entertainers. Whether the challenge is an old fan favorite like Snatch Game or Reading Is Fundamental, or a new adventure, like the Y2K Girl Group’s latest challenge, the previous eight winners are expected to do well by audiences and judges. They also have expectations of themselves. While many competitors to RPDR They have been criticized for not breaking out of their comfort zone in the past, this season the Queens are more than happy to take risks, hoping for big payouts.

queens having fun

There is no doubt that the drama adds another level of entertainment to any reality TV show, but in a way RPDR All Stars The seventh season stands out from its predecessors, and this is the big deficiency conflict. The eight All Star queens get along well, and instead of trying to get away with the ultimate crown, the contestants are doing their best to get back on their feet. This means that they play on each other’s strengths. Although there are some small squabbles here and there, there is an abundance of harmony and good sportsmanship in RPDR All Stars 7Which brings new energy to the series and the franchise as a whole.

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All Stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race New episodes every Friday on Paramount+.

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