Why More Celebrities Are Selling Video Messages During A Pandemic – And The Weird Requests They Are Getting | UK News

You always want words of support from your soccer hero? How about help with a marriage proposal to a famous musician?

The Corona Virus The pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard – and a growing number of celebrities are selling personalized video messages online.

Websites like Cameo and Memmo give audience members the option to require stars to record a message for their friends or relatives, at prices ranging from around £ 15 to several hundreds of pounds.

Nigel Farrag He is one of the most recent names to sign up for Cameo – a site that has lured top stars to the US – with a video of the former Brexit party leader earning you £ 75.

Simon Webbe, who has found fame with boyband Blue, says he is charging around £ 50 for a personal video on Memmo and has received around 100 requests as Mother’s Day approaches.

Blue singer Simon Webb said that much of his business has been discontinued due to the pandemic. Pic: Memmo

He told Sky News, “I think a lot of people will just sit there and say, ‘Well, why do celebrities need to do this when they make their money? ”

“People like me who work in entertainment, my income depends on bringing people together – you know a year ago we were locked up. The whole world was like this.

“Much of my work is international, so I haven’t been able to make a living for more than a year.”

He added, “It’s just a small way to earn those little extra pennies if I can save them for the mortgage, and I also have a baby on the way, so I don’t think I can afford that.”

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Memmo co-founder Gustav Lundberg-Torrison said the number of celebrities is “steadily growing” and that more than 3,000 people in their “talent base” are now submitting video messages.

He started the company in Sweden in 2019 with his business partner Tobias Bengtsdahl and hopes to recruit Premier League players to the site in the near future.

Gustav Lundberg-Thorrison said the number of celebrities is “steadily increasing”

Torrison said former England football manager Sven Goran Erickson and former Jordi Shore star Charlotte Crosby were among the first famous names to sign up, along with a group of retired soccer players.

He told Sky News, “There is a lot of interest in footballers – a lot of alumni like Glenn Hoddle and Sven Goran Erickson, but also interesting TV personalities like Clinton Baptist (character from Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights) and Paddy. Doherty. (From My Big).” Fat Gypsy Wedding and Celebrity Big Brother).

Torrison said that Sir Rod Stewart ordered a video message of an impersonator singer on Memmo for his son earlier this year.

Rod Stewart at the 2020 Brit Awards. Pic: AP
Rudd Stewart ordered a video message of his imitation of his son. Pic: AP
Rod Stewart's impersonator Michael Dean, better known as Rod Stewart.  Pic: Memmo
Rod Stewart Impersonator Michael Dean – better known as Rod Stewart – is on Memmo. Pic: Memmo

He added that the coronavirus lockdowns have increased the number of celebrities who sign up for Memmo because people who work in entertainment have “a lot of free time.”

However, there has been a similar increase in demand in Sweden, where COVID restrictions have not been as stringent as other countries, according to Torson.

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He said, “I think only talent realizes that they can make a lot of money in the living room – which is actually very easy.”

Celebrities decide how much they charge for their videos and use an app to set their rates, view their requests, and record their messages.

“It usually ranges from 5 500 to 1000 pounds,” said Torreson.

Celebrities sell personalized videos on Memmo.  Pic: Memmo
More and more celebs are selling custom videos. Pic: Memmo

“It varies a lot depending on how willing you are to amend the order.

“We always want you to count on the same talent.”

Celebrities receive 75% of the bill, with Memmo the remaining 25%, and some stars record 15-20 videos a day, according to Toresson.

He added that Christmas messages are the most common requests, and there have been over 50 marriage requests where a celebrity poses the question on behalf of the person requesting the video.

Mr Torrison said that an unknown celebrity in the UK who helped put together a proposal is now considering attending the wedding after being invited to the party this summer.

Some of the more bizarre requests have involved people asking celebs to help them break up with their partners.

“Acceptance rates for these are lower,” added Torreson.

Gustav Lundberg-Torrison (left) and Tobias Bengtsdale created Memmo in 2019
Gustav Lundberg-Torrison (left) and Tobias Bengtsdale created Memmo in 2019

Memmo says very few requests have been received for inappropriate messages, which is what Torreson says people have to pay to place an order and cannot be anonymous.

“Ultimately, it is always up to the talent to accept or reject the request for any reason,” he said.

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“We don’t really regulate who is who and who isn’t, but we do have certain rules about the type of content you can create on the platforms.

“We don’t allow any nudity, we don’t allow any hate speech etc. We are watching this very closely.”

Torrison says he’s not worried about competition from Cameo’s competitor site, which launched in 2016 and features video messages from stars like great boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., actress Lindsay Lohan, and Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff.

“Healthy competition is always good,” he said.

“It’s a great opportunity to help creative people, and to help celebrities connect with their fans in different ways.

“We think the number of designers and the number of celebrities is growing steadily. We try to follow each other.

“It’s a great opportunity there.”

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