Why Macron is depicted as Napoleon on the front page of ‘The Sun’

Cosmopolitan – Emmanuel Macron, in a ready-made beret and an old military uniform. The front page of the British tabloid the sun Wednesday 6 October Neither France nor its leader accused of “stolen” doses of AstraZeneca vaccines in the UK have been exempted.

The case dates back to March 22nd: on this date, the UK is awaiting a major delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine, promised by the British laboratory. Vaccines that are partly produced in the Netherlands, that is, in the European Union of which the United Kingdom is no longer a part.

For export, dosages must be the subject of an agreement with European authorities. but according to the sunThe French president is said to have “conspired with the authorities in Brussels like modern-day Napoleon Bonaporte” to prevent this agreement from taking place.

calendar? The UK has had to give up nearly 5 million doses. Even worse, according to the newspaper, Emmanuel Macron’s government would also have tried to block the delivery of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. But in vain.

Tensions over exports

“The French stole our vaccines even when they publicly discredited them and questioned their safety,” a government source told the newspaper. “It was a particularly disgraceful act,” unlike the position of “Ally,” laments the source himself.

About the British authorities cited the sunThe French position could have had dire consequences for people waiting to be vaccinated in the UK.

This supposed scheme by the EU and France would have taken place in the midst of heightened tensions with the UK, which have been recurring since Brexit. One of the most recent examples so far is none other than the US/UK/Australia agreement signed at the expense of France. But we can also cite those who gave fishing licenses to the French to work in the waters of Jersey.

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AstraZenec vaccine exports have also been a source of tension. At the end of January, when fear of dose shortages prevailed in France and in the European Union, the European Executive established the Export Licensing Mechanism to control trade to countries where the health situation was better than in Europe. In particular, the European Union has been monitoring shipments of the AstraZeneca laboratory, which is accused of not fulfilling orders from Twenty-Seven for the benefit of other countries – such as the UK.

However, between the end of January and September 28, more than 2,600 export orders were approved, with a total of 738 million doses, to 56 countries and territories (UK, Australia, US, Chile, Canada, Israel, Japan, Turkey…) According to the European Commission. During this period, only one export order was rejected – from AstraZeneca to Australia.

British tabloids regularly target the French presidency. In 2018, in the midst of negotiating a post-Brexit agreement, platform And so she enjoyed “Mini-Mano’s (that) seeming hollow menaces” and commanded the “terrible baby to grow up”.

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