Why is there no season 2?

Unveiled Friday, December 31 on Netflix, the British series do not go away He prepares to seduce the henchmen of the police and criminal fantasy on the broadcast platform. However, a second season was not planned, which is why.

A sweet surprise awaits Harlan Coben fans. For several months, the American writer, author of detective novels, saw several of his novels adapted into series by Netflix, having concluded an exciting contract with the streaming platform. Adapt to resounding success, as in the forest And innocent, list which Added Friday December 31 series do not go away. Adapted from the novel of the same name, This fantasy follows four people who each hide dark secrets from their loved ones. They include Megan, a mother of three, Ray, a once promising documentary photographer, Brum, a police officer unable to leave an unsolved disappearance case, and Lauren, an old friend of Megan’s.

There is no season 2 for do not go away

The plot then revolves around the reaction of these four characters who faced their past and who now threaten to destroy their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Season one of eight episodes, Which, however, will not see a second season. produced in the form ofsmall chain do not go away It thus retains the previously selected format for adaptations of Harlan Coben’s works on Netflix. A season, however, in which there is the most suspense, which features Cush Jumbo, seen in the good Wife And good fightAnd James Nisbet (the hobbitAnd Murphy’s Law), Richard Armitage (MI-5), as Sarah Parish (AtlantisAnd Doctor from).

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Harlan Coben’s work quickly requoted by Netflix?

If there is no season 2 scheduled do not go awayFans rest assured: Harlan Coben has signed an exclusive five-year contract with Netflix to adapt fourteen of his works, past or future. If a few are already available on the platform, like security, a series produced by Canal + initially, with Audrey Floro and Michael C. Hall, or even intimidation, with Richard Armitage, Jennifer Saunders, and Siobhan Finneran, we also have gone forever With Finnegan Oldfield and Nicolas Duvuchel. And in fourteen works, Netflix has something to delight its subscribers and fans with the best-selling American author with mini-series, or even films, for years to come.

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