Why is the flu epidemic spreading in France?

At the end of the year, hospitals are facing a “triple epidemic” of respiratory diseases of viral origin such as bronchiolitis, COVID-19 and influenza. The latter occurs earlier than usual. Updates on the influenza epidemic, which weakens the French health system.

On December 28, 2022, François Brown, Minister of Health W protectionprotectionto mention ” Danger Week of the French healthcare system. ” There is an explosion in flu cases, also with severe cases, which means that resuscitation services in general are saturated He announced to AFP.

the Latest epidemiological bulletin The French Public Health Agency reported an increase in indicators flu in all urban areas. ” In the hospital, the number of emergency room visits and the number of post-pass hospitalizations continued to increase (+52% and +75%, respectively, compared to the previous week), in all age groups.e”, can we read there. Subtype A (H3N2) is still dominant, despite an increase in virusvirus Type B/Victoria has been observed for several weeks.

Note that EpidemicEpidemic The 2022-2023 flu arrives much earlier than in previous years, a month ahead of schedule. In fact, it usually strikes at the beginning of January.

How can this early and dangerous epidemic be explained?

To explain this particular situation, you need to look in the rearview mirror. Since 2020, the level has decreased seasonal epidemics Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has definitely decreased herd immunity against the flu. The French also abandoned “barrier gestures” that limit virus transmission. In addition to, sniffles It is highly contagious and contaminated droplets are easily transmitted from person to person.

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The Minister of Health said: Fear of rebound The epidemic is in January, after the holiday season. ” So vaccination It is still relevant to the flu, as is wearing a mask indoors and of course washing hands he insisted.

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