Why is OPPO Find X3 Pro the best smartphone out there?

In the vicinity of smartphones that are launched every year, it is not always easy to withdraw from the game. OPPO has understood this well and is counting on its expertise in terms of innovation to stand out. And it works!

It was announced in early March, OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G is the most beautiful surprise at the beginning of the year. The brand’s most premium smartphone has more than one asset in its bag. From his original design to his talents as a photographer, including the stunning display of his screen or the super-fast charging system, he has no shortage of arguments for victory against the fierce competition. We tell you why, in our opinion, OPPO Find X3 Pro is the best smartphone out there.

For its innovative design

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At first glance, OPPO Find X3 Pro is tempting. Its design is distinguished by its shell single By glass (black or blue), which is the first of its kind in the market. And to believe that it was almost non-existent. At the beginning of the manufacturing process, OPPO recorded a loss of 70% because the operations were very complex. But the engineers finally found a solution.

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To be able to create a cover that perfectly matches the image unit, designers have resorted to innovative manufacturing processes. Each of them passes through 2000 quality control points.

To obtain such a result, it is necessary to heat up at a temperature of more than 700 ° C. More than 100 manufacturing processes In addition to more than 100 molds, 5 times more than traditional processes. The Find X3 Pro OPPO case costs almost three times more than if it were a more traditional designer. The price of innovation.

Its screen has a billion colors

Oppo test find x3 pro interface

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In addition to contributing to its great design, The curved screen of OPPO Find X3 Pro is simply amazing. The 6.7 inch AMOLED panel (punched and protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5) displays QHD + content with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. HDR10 + Compliant, It is especially capable of displaying over a billion colors!

In a few guises, the OPPO Find X3 Pro screen displays a maximum brightness of 1200 nits, a contrast ratio of 5,000,000: 1 (12,000,000: 1 with HDR enabled) as well as RGB color gamut coverage, DCI-P3 But also REC2020, A new standard for audiovisual professionals. DisplayMate, a benchmark in screen testing, gave it an A + rating, which is the best it can be according to its protocols.

To satisfy the fans of movies / series and video in general, OPPO has optimized its O1 Engine. He can now Convert videos less than 720p to 1080pAnd that’s on most of the most popular streaming services: Prime Video, Youtube, Netflix, and even TikTok.

Whether you are a fan of movies / series, photography or games, OPPO Find X3 Pro screen will provide you an unparalleled experience.

For a unique camera in the world

Oppo test found microscope pro x3

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OPPO understands that the quality of a premium smartphone depends heavily on its talents as a photographer. And we can say that the brand has put the smaller dishes into the larger ones. Thus, OPPO Find X3 Pro’s quad image sensor consists of:

  • Wide-angle lens (f / 1.8) ; 50 MP IMX 766 sensor (1 billion colors); OIS
  • Ultra-wide angle lens (f / 2.2) ; 110 ° field of view; 50-megapixel IMX 766 sensor (1 billion colors)
  • Telephoto lens (f / 2.4) ; 13 mega pixel sensor; 5x hybrid zoom, 20x digital zoom
  • Binocular lens ; F / 3 aperture; 3 mega pixel sensor; Zoom to 25x

Therefore, OPPO teamed up with Sony to develop a 50MP IMX 766 sensor capable of capturing 1 billion colors. OPPO not only ties it with wide angle, but also ultra wide angle. Thus, Find X3 Pro allows you to enjoy consistent photographic excellence, regardless of the sensor used.

In addition to, Find X3 Pro is the first smartphone to integrate a binocular lens. We can rediscover everyday products – from the weaves of our clothes to the plants that surround us – from a different angle. An original way to stand out from everything we’ve seen so far.

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For its performance at the highest level

Oppo test find x3 pro color os

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To run all these beautiful people, OPPO Find X3 Pro needs a powerful engine. So the manufacturer chose Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 888, the most powerful chip on the market today. It comes with 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256 GB of UFS 3.1 memory.

This arsenal allows Find X3 Pro to connect Outstanding performance For everyday use and for the most resource intensive applications (photo editing, video editing, games, etc.). It is even one of the most powerful smartphones out there.

OPPO is exploiting all this potential by incorporating the latest version of ColorOS, its in-house overlay. Very simple and intuitive, the interface also features many customization and optimization options. Nowadays, ColorOS is without a doubt one of the most attractive overlay in the Android world.

Super fast charging

Oppo test find recharge x3 pro

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If you know OPPO, you probably know that the manufacturer has established itself as a benchmark in charging technology. Unsurprisingly, OPPO Find X3 Pro inherits the brand’s expertise.

he is Compatible with Super VOOC 2.0 65WOPPO’s new Super Fast Charging technology. In just 35 minutes, the smartphone can be fully charged. It even goes from 0 to 40% in just 10 minutes!

This year, OPPO goes further and introduces its first wireless charging technology. With Air VOOC 30W, Find X3 Pro can regain 100% of its power in just 80 minutes. A true feat of wireless charging technology.

To avoid heating issues associated with fast charging and improving battery life, engineers had a good idea to combine two 2,250mAh batteries instead of one 4,500mAh battery. Clever.

Cherry on the charger, The smartphone is also compatible with reverse charging. Thus, it makes it possible to give a little bit of power to a second smartphone, headphones or a connected watch for example.

Also ?

Oppo test find x3 pro design dos

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You will understand that OPPO Find X3 Pro does not lack in advantages. In order not to spoil anything, OPPO is introducing a series of accessories for its star debut. in the program, Air VOOC Charger, 46mm OPPO Watch and Kevlar Protective Cover.

And if the € 1,149.90 price is not within your reach, know that OPPO offers two more models. Find X3 Neo is sold for 799.90 euros He excels with his versatility and talents as a photographer and Super VOOC 2.0 charging system.

With Find X3 Lite it is marketed at 449.90 €OPPO relies on a balanced smartphone that features a 90Hz OLED screen and Super VOOC 65W compatibility. So there is something for all tastes and all budgets. Until April 25, a pair of OPPO W51 wireless headphones is being offered with the purchase of Find X3 Lite.

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