Why is it necessary to watch “Madame Claude” on Netflix?

L’Officiel: We know her without knowing it … but who is Madame Claude?

Josephine de la Baume: Actually, not much is known about the woman named Madame Claude, and this feature film by Sylvie Fairhead allows us to discover her better. Whether it is about her personal life, her ambitions, her prayers, or her intentions … and this is how the biography portrays this woman, who can roughly be described as a female gangster …

Lu: How did the shooting go?

JDLB: Selfie gave me the opportunity to do a lot of improvisation. Which led to some amazing and totally spontaneous scenes with Carol Rocher (Who plays the lead role for Madame Claude, Editor’s note). Selfie herself may sometimes surprise us with requests that were not present in the text. All this was in the service of very natural accidents, situations that give an unexpected aspect to the development of the film, but above all a game with the other important.

Lu: Can you tell us about your personality, Josie?

JDLB: My role is as one of Madame Claude’s “daughters”, and she’s always at her side. This character has evolved a lot between what it was initially in the script and the way in which I was able to interpret it. Josie is so funny in spite of herself, I also consider her the breath of a movie comic! She’s a girl who is so passionate about being a part of Madame Claude’s network, and we might sometimes think that she misses the mark. (Laugh). Yet she is extremely affectionate and tragic at the same time. His delusions are ridiculous. She constantly believes that extraordinary stories await, like a wedding … and none of that comes true. It is touching, funny, and sad at the same time. I had to take on his dark and mysterious role, it made me so easy.

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Lu: What prompted you to accept this role with a complex identity? Did you know her?

JDLB: Truth be told, every character really defined themselves as they did on the set. In the script, each girl had personal beginnings … However, the characters gained life and meaning during the filming stage. For my part, I accepted this project for Selfie, which I have worked with before and adore. I knew she was good at shooting portraits of women, not to mention the extraordinary actors that were about to surround me. I knew the adventure was going to be beautiful, and what happened to Josie took shape after that.

Lu: Madame Claude will soon be revealed on Netflix, due to the current epidemiological context. What do you think of these new movie releases on the streaming platform?

JDLB: The context of having a movie tentatively planned for a theatrical release, which was likely to make festivals, and being shown on a broadcast platform, is new and inconvenient for me. The advantage is that Netflix has an easily accessible profession, and the movie can actually be watched in many different countries. But, even if that means looking old-fashioned, I still feel nostalgic to experience the cinema … the magic of the moment and sharing with other viewers in the theater at home cannot be recreated. I am aware of two aspects of this thing: the fun side with a larger audience, and instant feedback regarding the film’s reception on the stage … but slight disappointment at not seeing his film shown in the best conditions, in cinema, with perfect sound and picture quality. For this subtle charm, I fell in love with cinema. However, I want as many people as possible to be affected and have easier access to this project. These desires may seem contradictory … and the truth is, I am pleased above all because the movie could be shown one way or the other during this period!

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