Why is a robot lawyer being sued in the US?

DoNotPay is accused of practicing law without a degree, which is prohibited by law.

A robot that plans to secretly act as a lawyer during a trial must soon plead in court. Called “the world’s first robot lawyer”, DoNotPay was launched in 2015 as a chatbot to provide advice and legal assistance to users via its website.

It was the target of a class action lawsuit filed by law firm Edelson in early March after expanding its services to cover other legal issues using artificial intelligence. He was accused of practicing law without a degree, which is prohibited by law. “Unfortunately, DoNotPay is not really a robot or a lawyer or a law firm. DoNotPay does not have a law degree, is not called to any jurisdiction and is not supervised by any lawyer”The company said.

Unsubstantiated allegations against DoNotPay

The suit was filed on behalf of, among others, Jonathan Faridian, who used the robo-lawyer to create demand letters, a workplace discrimination complaint and other legal documents. Just when he thought he was coping “Skillful Lawyer”Some of the items he received were of poor quality and they could not use them.

Joshua Broder, founder and CEO of the company of the same name, responded that there were no allegations. “no basis”But the doctrine that the plaintiff “Misled into thinking DoNotPay is a real lawyer” Seems a bit exaggerated considering he has a law degree and is training as a lawyer. He promised that the company had nothing to hide and would use his own robot to win the case.

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Last Friday, a day after these announcements, the law firm’s founder, Jay Edelson, revealed that DoNotPay will be represented by Wilson Sonsini to defend itself in the case. “Josh says he’s considering using his own ‘robot lawyer’ to defend himself with a lifespan measured by an hourglass”He declared.

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