Why Elon Musk Retracted the Label “State Media”

Coaster – Some media outlets, such as NPR radio in the US, the BBC in the UK or RTVE in Spain, have complained about this qualification, which has been puzzling

Write an article about Twitter – And Elon Musk – it risks becoming outdated a few hours after it is published. Because since taking office at the helm of the social network, the eccentric billionaire has changed his mind like his shirt. Latest development: dropping the mention of “state-affiliated media”, Friday, after several days of controversy.

At the beginning of February, Twitter launched different badges to categorize its users: the blue tick of an “approved” account For Twitter Blue subscribers, the gray tag for government agencies, the yellow tag for “official corporations”, as well as specific mentions of the media. Three distinct classifications have been created: “state-owned,” “government-funded,” or “publicly funded” media.

questioned the credibility

But some general media, such as NPR (National Public Radio) broadcast in the United StatesBBC in the UK or even RTVE in Spain, complained about the media being described as “state-affiliated”, a title that leads to confusion between state media, such as Sputnik or Russia Today, and public information services, (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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