Why does England and its monarchy attract worldwide attention?

Great Britain’s rule over the tides is now a thing of the past. So where is British power today?

It translates to the concept of ‘soft power’. It is a soft way of influencing the world, as opposed to ‘hard power’ based on more traditional notions of power.

The ‘hard power’, as the United Kingdom once was, became a first world superpower through the Industrial Revolution, thanks to its navy which ruled all the seas. In short, economic, technological and military superiority enabled him to build a huge colonial empire. Today the United Kingdom cannot compete with great powers like China or the US, but it retains strong assets through its ‘soft power’.

A perfect example of this ‘soft power’ is precisely the British monarchy. It strengthens the UK’s appeal in the world.

It is somewhat related to the past: British prestige clearly derives from the important role the United Kingdom has played in the world.. And, it was in the century of his power, the 19th century, that The image of the British crown is improving with Queen Victoria Significantly. And that’s more At that time his share is indexed Carefully and Elizabeth II complied. A prime minister can be unaffected by his unpopularity. Globally, it is certain that the Queen, particularly Elizabeth II, is one of the most important British soft power ingredients in the world.

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