Why do we need to organize space

Press review of the French business newspaper Les Echos.

with flights from Richard Branson Based on Jeff Bezos, without forgetting Elon Musk, the return to reality is accelerating to remind us of this Humanity, when it comes to territory, is made up of public and private interests, competing and fighting.

Everyone, in their own way, has the ambition to democratize access to space to allow millions of people to live and work there. Bezos wants to cut his cost in order to move polluting activities to a safe haven on Earth. Elon Musk is following the same trend as humanity is expanding and he wants to increase his living space. Meanwhile, Richard Branson continues his original dream of tourist travel.

All three are wealthy entrepreneurs whose company can mobilize fortunes in investments partially funded by state agencies.

The United States, in 2015, adopted the Space Act, which completely modifies the universal spirit of the universe by granting Private US companies have the right to exploit their resources.

Because we must be careful. Today, the equivalent of 1.7 of the land is needed to meet our needs due to excessive consumption and waste.

We could see the first space mining missions in ten years.

That is why it is recommended to call to Organizing on behalf of future generations. Environmental concerns must be at the center of our thinking today to protect these celestial bodies, because it is not certain that they direct billionaires in space. Above all, we must ensure that there is no monopoly, both public and private.

What is new lies in the fact that private companies are today real operators under state control and participatory financing. Do we want to allow them to have more powers than they already have on Earth? History will determine which countries made the decisions that best met the aspirations and interests of their people.

This column was published in reverberation Written by Michel Roymy (Economist, Professor at Science Po and Director of the Spak Research Center) is summarized by us.

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