Why did the series make history again?

The series on the evening of September 12, 2022 squid game Make history again! The South Korean show just hit a new milestone, find out which one.

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squid game It is by far the most watched series in history on Netflix! Released during 2021 in the catalog, it tracks 456 individuals in a deadly gaming competition. All in debt or poor, they agreed to compete in grueling and dangerous drills to try to earn a huge amount of money. The only difficulty? Only one will win while the losers will die. squid gameDirected by Hwang Dong Hyuk, he created a real world that many of today’s shows take inspiration from. Netflix is ​​currently working on a reality TV show based on The Phenomenon series, while Boyar Castle It added a similar ordeal to the Squid Game in its final season. In the face of this popularity, Netflix couldn’t stop there. In preparation for the second season, the South Korean fantasy just hit a new milestone during the 2022 Emmy Awards.

Lee Jung-jae became the first Asian actor to win a lead actor in a drama series

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Several series have been nominated for the 74th Emmy Awards and squid game Of course he was part of it! For his excellent performance, Lee Jung-jae, Seong Gi-Hun’s translator in literature, received the award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series with squid game. This is the first time an Asian actor has won this award. Naturally, the 49-year-old actor gave a speech to thank the Academy of Television, Netflix, and a loved one: “Thank you Director Hwang for bringing the real-life issues we all face so creatively to life on screen, with great text and amazing visuals. To everyone watching from Korea, my friends, family and dearest fans, I want to share this joy with you. Thank you.”

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He also rewarded Hwang Dong Hyuk for his work squid game

If the actors make it possible to embody the great characters in a series, the credit goes to the director and screenwriter! In fact, it was Hwang Dong Hyuk who gave life squid gameSo it’s only natural that she gets the title of Best Director in a Drama Series. After breaking the record on Netflix, fantasy is now adorned with two coveted awards. How far will we go squid game ?

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