Why are MU supporters attacking their club

The Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool, scheduled for Sunday, had to be postponed due to the demonstrations by Manconnian fans, who went as far as storming Old Trafford Park. The reasons for the anger of the Red Devils fans.

Here’s the powerful picture on Sunday in England: Dozens of Manchester United fans invade their club’s garden, at Old Trafford, just hours after the Premier League clash against Liverpool. The start of the match was initially postponed before the match was announced. But the anger does not subside: Red Devils fans want to see their leaders leave and do not intend to surrender. Some of the causes are very recent but others have taken root in recent seasons.

The last straw for the Premier League

Let’s get back to the most obvious: This Premier League is ephemeral. Manchester United were among the 12 starting locations for this semi-closed league launched by Florentino Perez. And this, in England, does not pass. As in Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City, the rage of fans and the campaign by other Premier League clubs and the British government ended up giving way to Manconnian’s leadership.

So Manchester United, like the other five participating English clubs, withdrew from the project. But the damage was done. Idol Alex Ferguson had expressed his disappointment: “Speaking of the Premier League, it’s a departure from 70 years of European football,” the legendary coach lamented. His colt called on Eric Cantona to respect his supporters. Even the players, Bruno Fernandez in front, declared their disagreement. Ed Woodward, the primary target of fan fury, has already announced his departure. Make room for the next step.

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The Glazers, the target

Here is the latest. But the anger of Manchester United fans runs deep. Their goal? “Glazers,” as indicated by several “Glazers out” signs that have been raised in recent weeks around Old Trafford.

The Glazer family took over Club Mancunian in 2005, as the team knocked out a white season and struggled to find a second wind. Access to the beauty of sport? Not right. Rich American businessmen always assumed they wanted to make a profit. in soccer. In the land of football and its traditions.

Hard to swallow for fans of the Red Devils, who also care about the history of their club which, like many Premier League giants, is above all a relic of a working-class world, founded in 1878 by members of the Railroad Company. We were far from a torrent of tickets.

Get out of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and make way for the Glazer family of American businessmen, who already own the Tampa Bay Pirates. The method, at the time, was troublesome: in short, he was in charge of digging up the club’s debts to buy them at a lower cost. Section. And no more risks: Manchester United are very profitable, sell a lot of shirts and tickets … the profit will pay off the debt immediately. And it works. It also cools down the historic fans.

When business infringes on football

But the work of Glazers in football was still going on as long as he did not interfere with the athlete. After all, making a profit from selling derivatives doesn’t bother many people. It’s even more embarrassing when you’re trying to intervene in the field without being competent or legitimate.

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Here’s the turning point: player transfers have not really paid off in recent years at the sporting level: Manchester United have fallen into the Premier League and European ranks – settling in the European League instead of the Champions League – plus have been overlooked … before. A rival city. Skyblues who have everything going in their favor since the arrival of Pep Guardiola: The Most Famous Trainer in the World, a game praised by everyone and titles, with them winning their third league title in nearly four years. Enough is enough.

The wrath of the wise

To understand the transformation, it is enough to listen to adults. “United fans are really unhappy,” said Peter Schmeichel on Sunday on RMC Sport. The club resumed in 2004-2005, when we went to the Champions League every year, we won the English Premier League for a year out of two years, and we had the best stadium and the best training center … Today, we are no longer in the Champions League, we no longer fight from He postponed the title in the Premier League, he’s aged on the field … the fans see they can’t go and get Manchester City, the Premier League was too much. […] The owners are far from them, they are stingy, they always want more money. The only ones who pay are the fans. “

“Joel Glazer said he wanted to regain the fans’ confidence (after the Premier League episode). But he never got it, ”Gary Neville treated it on Sky Sports. The former Manconian had also said with “disgust” his club management and Liverpool, two historically famous and working-class clubs, in this ephemeral period of the Premier League.

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“I think there will be no bond between the fans and these owners,” Paul Scholes noted on BT Sport at the end of April. I think that is the case with all the clubs that are starting to bring in billionaires so they can. You have a game to make money with. The most important thing is for me. For the fan, it is what happens on the field. In the last four or five years at Manchester United, with the resources and the money that the club have received, the team has not won the trophy, it is ridiculous. “

Don’t take football away from the English, he will not forgive you. Common people – in the noble sense of the term – can no longer access their stadiums, players, shirts and dreams. In Liverpool, at United, in the UK, he does not pass. You don’t buy everything with money yet.

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