Who is Ian Osborne, the new investor for CA Brive? A picture of a man who loves to hide

Writing his name online to try to find the smallest statement in the press is as complicated as listing many of Ian Osborne’s activities.

Born in Richmond, the city he ran his rugby club in the early 1990s… Simon Gilham, the 39-year-old Englishman is not the style to flaunt himself in the media.

Terms of confidentiality at work

After several months of talks, the mountain He was able, exclusively, to speak with the new shareholder on one condition: that none of his statements were reproduced in the newspaper. his dogma? Discretion.

Once the first contacts with Brive were established, the 39 shareholders of the CAB Board of Directors were also required to sign a confidentiality clause to avoid, as far as possible, Ian Osborne’s name being revealed.

Creates a strong investment fund

In her investments, the philosophy is the same: It’s hard for sites specializing in economics to return to the investment fund set up in 2012 by new CAB contributor: Hedosophia, the contraction in Greek for the goddess of pleasure and wisdom. This fund is injecting significant resources into various banking technology companies. We are talking here about several hundred million dollars of capital under management.

Newspaper reverberation It indicates that the entrepreneur also has stakes in Spotify, Uber or even Xiaomi.

excellent What could the arrival of new investor Ian Osborne change for the upcoming CA Brive season?

In addition to his numerous financial activities, Ian Osborne is also involved in political life. “He’s not really an actor but he has a lot of connections in this environment,” we breathe alongside his relatives.

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Friendships in the world of politics

In the past, we have often seen him close to former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg or even David Cameron, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 2010 and 2016.

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During his visits to Brive, Ian Osborne was also able to have a lengthy discussion with former President of the Republic François Hollande without forgetting the mayor of Brive, Frederic Soulier, head of the department Pascal Coast. The president of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Alain Rousset, would also like to meet with him.

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