Who can vote in the UK? This is a real headache!

Unlike the Europeans, the Indian and Australian citizens who were empowered to slip a ballot at the ballot box soon withdrew from the election: before a decisive election “Super Thursday”, across the channel, Economist Explores the confusing rules of voting rights in the country.

Local Assembly elections in Scotland and Wales, regional and municipal elections in the UK: British voters are invited to renew elected representatives across the United Kingdom this Thursday, May 6. The British press refers to a “super Thursday” with shares. Determining the future of the country, especially in the event of a wave of independence in Edinburgh.

But before we think about the outcome of these elections, First things first : Who has the right to participate in election life across the channel? Miracles Economist. British, of course, but not only. Simply put, the rules in this section “Nothing clear”, Reports the London newspaper. “Some immigrant citizens may vote – but not all – some non-resident residents – but not all.”

The main explanation is Empire

As often seen in the United Kingdom, the weekly magazine points out the reason for this problem “Historical”. The first exception “Citizenship rule” Came from the time of the Empire. “After World War II, Parliament banned the right of former citizens of the Empire to settle in England, but it did not change the right to vote.. Results, citizens



Best Press Club, The Economist, Founded in 1843 by a Scottish hat maker, it is the Bible for anyone interested in international news. Apparently liberal, he generally defends free trade,

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