Who are the actors of this horror series?

Even after Halloween, Netflix will ensure us a good dose of excitement with the series The genies. Set to take place on November 28, it won’t disappoint fans with trepidation. But who are the actors of this horror series?

No more Christmas romances and it’s time for horror! November 28 Netflix The first season of . will be revealed The genies. Danish series created by creators the rain. Composed of six episodes, it will reveal the story of a family of four who hope to renew their bond during the year-end festivities. Then they decide to go to an island controlled by a very religious community. They quickly discover the presence of elves in the forest. When a kid returns one of them, everything is disrupted…

Danish star crew

In this series there is no American star, but Danish celebrities. At the casting, we can find Ann Eleonora Jorgensen. This Danish actress is famous for her roles in the series Categories And the kill. She has played quite a few roles in cinema, especially in romantic comedies Italian for beginners. Thanks to her performance, she received the Robert Award (equivalent to the Academy Awards) for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. star actress in The genies With Rasmus Hammerich, known for his roles in the series moderation And the rain. Furthermore, he will find his ex-partner in the rain, Lucas Lukin, Former TV Anchor-turned-Actor. They were joined by actress Leila Noble who also starred the rain.

Netflix’s next hit?

Lots of new things at the end of the year! On November 28, Netflix will be launched The genies. Produced by Miso Films, the production company drew some irony in its press release: “With the new Netflix series, The geniesWe continue the strong partnership we have built with Netflix over the three seasons the rain. The genies is a Christmas horror show that explores the following premise: What if elves were real and dangerous? […] The genies Filmed entirely in the greater Copenhagen region and we look forward to giving Netflix subscribers a unique experience in the Christmas genreAre you going to break viewing records? He has…

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