Whitehorse Bar serves beer to those who get COVID-19 shots

There is a lot of discussion online that young men tend to hesitate to get vaccinated because they do not see much benefit.Says Eric Miller, co-owner of Polarity Brewing in Whitehorse.

We thought we could give them a little nudge.

Quote from:Eric Miller, Brasserie brewing tycoon

Therefore, the company offers beer to anyone who gets vaccinated and comes for a meal the next day with their vaccination card.

By following the territory vaccination data, brothers and business partners Eric and Kai Miller had the idea to launch this promotion.

Public health warnings, reprimand, and peer pressure are reaching their limitsKay Miller explains. We thought serving more carrots and less sticks could breathe new life into the stats.

One initiative among others

The concept has already been tried elsewhere to attract those who are least likely to contract COVID-19 or are less likely to be vaccinated.

In the United States, vaccinations have been matched with beer, hemp, donuts, or discounts on merchandise. In Quebec, some employers have offered cash incentives to their employees to encourage them to get vaccinated.

In Whitehorse, the Polarity Brewery promotional campaign didn’t attract a crowd on its first day, but it caused a buzz on social media.

We are talking about beer and vaccinations, it sure will not please everyone, but we do not intend to stopKay Miller argues.

The road to collective immunity

As of Monday, 72% of eligible Yukoners had received at least one dose of the vaccine and 63% had already received the second dose.

Data released by regional authorities earlier this year indicated that 75% of eligible adults must have received both doses for some form of herd immunity to be considered achieved.

However, the Territory’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brendan Hanley, is being cautious, indicating this. Collective immunity will not be reached by a number.

At the moment, the more people who are vaccinated, the better.

With information from George Maratos

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