Where to watch the sky near you in Center Val de Loire?

30 Nuits des étoiles runs on Saturday 7 August and Sunday 8 August. Several free events are organized at the Centre-Val de Loire for you to observe the skies according to the weather conditions.

As every year, this 30th Stars Night brings together more than 180 events across France to put your head in the stars. Coordinated by the French Astronomical Society (AFA), it is also organized in the region of Centre-Val de Loire. In the program: Observing Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Perseids at the origin of a star meteor or even the International Space Station if the sky permits.

Whatever the circumstances, animations and mini-conferences are also planned to dream and learn, as long as the space has not yet been privatized by billionaires. Who dreams of installing polluting industries there?.

Falling stars, celestial rings and space exploration

In Orleans, for example, the Astrocentre Nuit des étoiles on August 6 organized with several mini-conferences on shooting stars, Mars News with Persevering Rover Adventures and the mission led by Thomas Pesquet to the International Space Station.

On Saturday August 7, the Loiret astronomy adventure continues in Ouzouer-sur-Loire from 8pm. Turin hand, animation Heaven’s Land The Bedouin Planetarium has set up tours, where you can observe the Milky Way whatever the weather is on the Gloriette plain from 9 p.m. Full list of events and map available on the AFA website.

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