Where to watch the Golden Globe nominated series

Traditionally scheduled for January, a Golden Globe will take place next weekend due to the pandemic. These awards, awarded by the foreign press in Hollywood, are given in recognition of the films and series that have distinguished themselves during the year. To allow you to make your own choices, here’s how to find your way among the candidates in the top TV show categories.

Best Dramatic Series

the crown

This series depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. 4H The season looks back to the 1980s as Margaret Thatcher was elected prime minister and Prince Charles married Diana Spencer. Olivia Coleman who plays Queen Elizabeth II this season as well as Emma Corinne, who loaned her to Lady Diana in the Best Actress category, Josh O’Connor who plays Prince Charles was nominated as Best Actor while Gillian Anderson and Helena Bonham Carter were nominated for Best Actor. The roles of Margaret Thatcher and Princess Margaret were respectively nominated in the Auxiliary Actress category.

  • Available on Netflix

Country of love

Although the series is set in the 1950s, it mixes the true horror of a racist America with the fantastic horror inspired by the monsters from Lovecraft’s work. We follow Atticus Black, a man who searches for his missing father and two travel companions.

The Mandalorian

This series, directed by John Favreaux, led to a small technological revolution. We follow the adventures of a mercenary outside the territories controlled by the New Republic. For starters, we’re in an era in between The Jedi return And the Wake up force. Visually the result is amazing.

  • Available on Disney Plus
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Marty Byrdie is a financial advisor who faced a problem in a Mexican drug cartel money laundering case. The case turned badly and he and his family had to take refuge in a resort where other criminals and mafia gangs would take advantage of. Three seasons are currently available. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney who play the Byrde couple have been nominated for Best Actor and Actress in a Drama Series, as is Julia Garner, one of their partners, who is in the supporting role category.

  • Available on Netflix


Image courtesy, Netflix

Produced by prolific Ryan Murphy, this series tells the story of black nurse Mildred Rached in a psychiatric hospital performing a lobectomy. It’s a precursor to the legendary work. Flying over the cuckoo’s nest. The Sarah Paulson she plays has been nominated as Cynthia Nixon asserting herself in the supporting role of Gwendoline Briggs, the political attaché in love with a nurse.

  • Available on Netflix

Best comedy or musical series

Emily is in Paris

A light comedy punctuated by clichés, we follow the young Emily, hired by a Parisian marketing company, to give her an American flair. Lily Collins, who plays her, also emerged as the best actress in comedy.

The host

This series chronicles the plight of Cassandra Boden, a flight attendant who finds herself after a drunk evening stopover in Bangkok, with a corpse in her bed. She continues her trip to the United States and acts as if nothing has happened until one day that she suspects her guilt. Kaley Coco, known to fans The Big Bang Theory Nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Film.

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The great

This satire depicts the rise of the Russian throne of Catherine known as “the Great.” We focus on her youth, her marriage, and the conspiracy to murder her, who is recognized as dangerous. Elle Fanning and Nicholas Holt, who plays the imperial couple, were also nominated.

  • Available on Amazon Prime

Chet Creek

A delicious comedy illustrating the ordeals of a wealthy fallen family who is forced to live in a motel in a lost small town as a joke. Created by father and son duo Eugene and Daniel Levy, this Canadian series concluded its sixth season in complete glory. They were also nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Actor, as their partners Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy who play mother and daughter.

  • Available on Netflix and CBC-Gem

Ted Lasso

Does an American football coach have what it takes to train the soccer team? This is what Ted tries to prove when he parachutes into his new team. His role, Jason Sodickis, was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Film.

  • Available on Apple TV +

The best series Or a movie for TV

Normal people

The series is a phenomenon in Great Britain, and narrates the complex relationship between two Irish students from different backgrounds. Marianne is rich, yet indivisible and edgy, while Connell comes from a very humble, yet lovable background. Their relationship is confidential as it is complicated, tender and heartbreaking. Daisy Edgar Jones who plays Marian caught the attention of the Academy.

  • Available on CBC-Gem
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Queen’s gambit

Image courtesy, Netflix

This remarkable series has reignited global interest in chess. We follow Beth Harmon, the introverted orphan who would become a 1960s chess champion when no woman indulges in her. The presence of Anya Taylor-Joy allowed her to receive a nomination.

  • Available on Netflix

Small ax

A five-part historical series written by Steve McQueen that is still relevant today. It recounts the events suffered by the black community in London between 1969 and 1982 and the demands of activists who rose up against the systematic acts of racism that led to riots. John Boyega, Finn star Wars, Named for its portrayal of Leroy Logan, one of the first black policemen in the English city.

  • Available on Amazon Prime

backing down

this is excitement With an atypical narrative plunges us into the heart of a prominent New York couple while it is suspected that the husband, a prominent pediatric oncologist, killed a young woman. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant also inherited the nominations, as do Donald Sutherland, for his supporting role.


This short series describes the journey of Etsy, a young woman from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn who decided to flee her community after a forced marriage to find a new life in Berlin. Shira Haas, whose features lend her her features, was nominated as Best Actress.

  • Available on Netflix

Golden balls – Sunday February 28 at 8:00 pm on CTV and NBC

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