Where to pre-order a Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo Switch?

The New Pokemon Snap was announced last year during Summer Game Fest, and will be a sequel to the Pokemon Snap released in March 1999 on the Nintendo 64. The big comeback for this occasional license after 22 years of first creation. This time, you’re not going to collect badges to become the best coach in the league, but pics to become the best Pokemon reporter in the area!

The series is set to return on April 30, 2021, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Discover now our pre-order guide to find your game at the best price online!

Pre-order the new Pokémon Snap

Précommander New Pokemon Snap (Simple)

So the first version of the New Pokemon Snap available is the Standard Edition. The latter will be offered in a price range between € 49.99 and € 54.99 (depending on the retailer). For this price, you will have the right to:

  • A physical copy of the New Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo Switch

Pre-order for a new Pokemon:




Explore islands and shoot Pokemon!

With the New Pokémon Snap, the goal once again is to visit unexplored islands in order to immortalize Pokémon in their natural habitat, using the camera. The ultimate goal, of course, would be to fully complete Pokémon Photodex, with successful shots of wild Pokémon.

As Nintendo points out, “In New Pokémon Snap, you’ll explore forests, beaches, and more to shoot Pokemon like you’ve never seen them before!”

It was announced in June 2020, and Nintendo has yet to provide details about this new version. It is neither a remake nor a port, but a new adventure. In 1999, 63 Pokémon were available in the Pokémon Snap. You can only spot one generation of monsters. For this 2021 release, with Switch capabilities, there’s a good chance that hundreds of little monsters will be available through this giant Safari!

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Answer in a few weeks, you will of course find Presse-citron.net notice when the game is released!

Pre-order the new Pokémon Snap

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