Where is the Espace de vie sociale four years after its creation?

The call for participation in the Animation Committee for Residents of the Valsière District was launched at the end of 2021 by the Social Living Space (EVS) established in the municipal buildings since 2017.

On Wednesday January 5, there were so few residents in the neighborhood that they could be counted on the fingers of one hand. On the other hand, the Gutenberg Centre, which administratively oversees EVS, has been well represented by its staff, management and board members.

Low participation of the population

The agenda for this neighborhood meeting focused on listening to residents, with the goal of seeing what they want to improve their daily lives with. Funded by CAF, EVS is a body that works “for the population and thanks to the population”.

At La Valsière, his activities stem from a survey from 2018 that enabled the formulation of the four-year social project. Emmeline Martin, who is responsible for EVS leadership, in the position for six months, made a small evaluation of the procedures. In the face of this weak mobilization, which can always be attributed to the Covid crisis but will not explain everything, the problem of how to improve the dissemination of information to families arises.

Many avenues have been identified: improving signage, means of disseminating information even if the social workers here assure that this goes through word of mouth. Too bad, as many of the workshops are doing well, some are completely free because they are run by volunteers like sewing, crochet, cooking classes, workshops about books, etc. In La Valsière as in the center of the village, school support is full: about 45 children from the area are registered there.

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Buildings are too small

Through the France Services brand, the Social and Cultural Center also deploys on-call agents to assist residents with their administrative procedures. Of course, the lack of workplaces does not allow us to publish as many workshops as we would like.

The Gutenberg Association has also announced that it is about to purchase a building, Balard Street, a stone’s throw away, between Toutou Clean and Passion Playmo 34.

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