Where is the CGT in the space of social protest?

The multiplication of defeats of the workers’ movement in the context of the escalating crises – environmental, social or health – contributed to the emergence of new protest parties with a critical discourse about the work of the unions, especially on the most important issue. Among them: CGT. These criticisms invite us to question the role and place of the UGT – and, to a lesser extent, other social transformation unions, which often follow their agendas – in the space of protest and struggle.

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, on the sidelines of the demonstration organized on the occasion of International Workers’ Rights Day, the demonstrators targeted the security apparatus of the General Union of Workers, whose affiliation is difficult to determine. If the CGT confirms that the attackers’ modus operandi was similar to that of the far right, then other sources criminalize the yellow jackets, anti-fascists, or even those involved in Black mass1. It was found that the identity of the individuals who put down the Syndicate’s trucks and injured 21 unionists – including four in serious condition – is secondary. It would be a mistake, on the other hand, to view this episode as anecdotal. Crystallizes the carrier questions

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