Where could these strange 20-minute radio signals emitted from Earth and picked up for 35 years come from?

For 35 years, strange twenty-minute radio signals have been picked up from space in the direction of Earth. This is what the scientists said in an article published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, July 20, 2023. Astrophysicists have formulated several hypotheses to try to explain this phenomenon.

Since 1988, the Earth has been picking up signals from an unknown source in space.

Signals of the same type 21 minutes

in Article published on Wednesday, July 20th By the journal Nature, scientists have claimed that they have been catching long radio signals from an unknown source in space since 1988 (35 years).

These signals that are emitted from the Earth will not include any characteristics of the explanatory models developed by scientists, according to The Independent.

While their origin was recently determined, these radio signals, which lasted up to 21 minutes, have varied in intensity since 1988, according to several archival analyses.

Pulsar, star or aliens?

According to scientists, these signals can be compared to the signals emitted by pulsars, or “fast radio bursts.” This hypothesis was quickly rejected because this type of source has a duration ranging from a few milliseconds to several seconds.

Eric Lagadec, astrophysicist at the Côte d’Azur Observatory, commented on this news in a Twitter thread on his account, specifying that we should not “speed too much” with regard to this signal.

She is tired of these heavily followed accounts that send information just to make a fuss, without knowing what they are talking about! This is more sightings than real news. Would you like to talk about these signals? (Spoiler, they’re not aliens!)

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– Eric Lagadec \ u2728 \ ud83c \ udf0d (@EricLagadec) July 20, 2023

Another hypothesis can be accepted by astrophysicists. Whether these signals come from a “white dwarf” star or a “magneta”, a star with a very strong magnetic field. But the radio signals received will be different from those sent by these celestial bodies.

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