When will the third movie in the episodic Rocky saga be released?

While Netflix offers its subscribers to watch or review creed i And the II, a screening of six films about Rocky Balboa, find out when the third installment of the saga worn by Michael B. Jordan in French cinemas!

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On July 8, 2022, subscribers to the streaming platform Prime Video saw one of the most cult stories in cinema history disappear from the catalog. Indeed, the broadcast rights to the first six original films of the series rocky Not counting the cross points creed It has expired. Netflix subscribers are sure to rejoice right now, because the company in N red has been offering them to watch or review since July 9. creed i And the second, the first parts of the saga that Michael B. Jordan carried. in creedThe story is no longer about Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) but about a talented new boxer named Adonis. He is the son of the great hero Apollo Creed, the main rival of Rocky Balboa. While trying to find a place for himself among the pros, he decides to leave Los Angeles and travel to Philadelphia to meet the great Rocky Balboa. The veteran becomes a mentor to the young athlete and his collaboration is rewarded with a win over local superstar Pete Sporino. After this success, Adonis accepts the proposal to participate in a match for the world title. In the second part, Adonis does not listen to the advice of his coach and accepts the challenge of the son of Drago, a dangerous boxer. Johnson and Balboa must now confront their legacy as the past comes back to haunt them… Part 3 of creed Expected by fans, here are all the details!

Third Creed When will the movie be released in cinemas?

After the sequel project was announced, fans were left months without news creed. It took more than a year to provide them with interesting information, not the least: the release date! last may, collider He revealed a first look at Michael B. Jordan in his role as Adonis for the third part of the franchise, along with a partial broadcast date. Remember information: creed 3 Released in theaters in November 2022. Just wait a few months, but to avoid disappointment, it’s best to let you know right away that some changes will be made…

creed 3 : Sylvester Stallone hangs the glove, directs Michael B Jordan

Unfortunately, Sylvester Stallone won’t be either More in the cast creed for the third installment. He’s still a producer of the movie however, but this ad has enough to make fans of Rocky Balboa and his pony disappointed… subwayis a promise “A really fun movie”which will take us “in a different direction”. Another big change: Director Ryan Coogler surrendered His place as director of Michael B Jordan Who will shoot his first movie. On the distribution side, we can expect the return of Bianca, Adonis Creed’s camp companion by Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie in bull 4) as well as boxer mother Mary Ann Creed, played by Felicia Rashad. Jonathan Majors (Kang Fei Loki) may be Adonis’ opponent in the future!

creed 3

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