When will the second season of Valeria be shown on Netflix?

broadcast service خدمة Netflix It continues to focus on Spanish productions, after the great success it achieved thanks to La Casa de Papel and Elite in the world. In this case, it will be with Valerie, a series by Maria López Castaño based on the novels by Elizabeth Benavent. Season 1 arrived in 2020 and they just confirmed the date for Part 2.

This adaptation of In Valeria’s shoes It narrates the adventures of a writer named Valerie, who faced the crisis the couple is going through, decided to strengthen the bonds of friendship with their companions Carmen, Lola and Neri. After its launch in May 2020, delivery number 2 was confirmed in June of the same year.

The second season will focus on the literary side of Valeria and the decisions you will need to make to advance your career. The character must go down the path of annoying contracts or publish her novel under a pseudonym, while trying to straighten out her love life in the company of her friends.

The show split the audience when he reached the stage, where ، Followers of the original novel disagreed with what was adapted, but they still had good numbers that gave the possibility of a second season. Elizabeth Benavent will star in the script And completely safe: “There are more than four girls. Valeria, Lola, Carmen and Nerea express fears, illusions, fears and passions not only for a generation. They are universal “.

+ When will the second season of Valeria be released?

The first teaser that was published on the networks at the end of June announced that Season 2 of Valeria is coming to Netflix on August 13 13. will be back Diane Gomez (Valeria), Selma Lopez (Lola), Paula Malia (Carmen), Theresa Riot (Nerius), Ibrahim Al Shami (Adrian) and Maxi Iglesias (Victor).

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