When will the Christmas series be released with Taek and Sherine Boutella?

With the holiday season fast approaching, Netflix is ​​working hard to fill its subscribers. To fully enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas, SVOD platform brings you a romantic series Christmas flow With Taek and Sherine Boutella, which will be released on November 17th.

Every year at Christmas time, Netflix Give us nuggets to look under the plaid. This year, the platform revealed a program not to be missed: Chicago princessAnd hold dearAnd Klaus or Christmas flow. The series is co-written by Henry DeBerme, Victor Rodenbach and Marianne Levy, and stars singer Taek and actress Sherine Boutella. The film will reveal a meeting between a committed journalist and a rapper. Everything resists them, but the magic of Christmas will bring them together!

Release date scheduled for November 17th!

Last March, Netflix announced the launch of the French series Christmas flow. A project launched by director Nadej Loiso. As captured:Today’s rom-com combines comedy, love, family, feminism, and more. It’s also an opportunity to lead a new group of great actresses and actors.In the acting process, subscribers to the platform will find Sherine Boutella. They know her well, as she played Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem in the series. lupine. She will give the answer to R&B singer, Tayc. Together, they will form the dynamic duo of Christmas flow. chain will followAn unexpected love story between a famous rapper and a committed journalist. To overcome their differences, they will need a Christmas miracle‘,” as the Netflix synopsis defines. Sherine Boutella and Tech will be the pick alongside rapper Sadiq and singer Camille Law, Marion Seclin, Aloise Sauvage and Walid Ben Mabrouk. This series will be an opportunity for subscribers to see Tayc take his first acting steps.

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Taek, the star of the series

For this first role, Tyke will play Marcus, a successful rapper. The latter would suddenly find himself in controversy over the background of the sexual remarks. To restore his image, the artist will then proceed to the production of Christmas carols. With this series and the release of his new album, Tayc is on all fronts. The Marseille-born singer is currently nominated for season 11 of dance with the stars. Every Friday evening, he sets the dance floor on fire with his partner Fauve Hautot. Enthusiastic about dance and theater, the 25-year-old singer started recording his first songs in 2017. Spotted on Instagram, he was signed to the label of producer Barak Adama. Then follows the release of several mixed tapes before the tube explodes Don’t think about it anymore. The star of the series Christmas flow, Tayc will also release his new works Cold Flower IIJust two days after the series was released on Netflix.

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