When will Part 3 be released on Netflix?

With the first two seasons airing on Netflix, the series lupine, Which was worn by Omar Si, it was a success. For which millions of subscribers are waiting on the platform, the series will return for Part 3.

Secrecy is the key word for any good self-respecting thief. But when we talk about the series lupine, created by George Kay and Francois Ozan for Netflix, the term favors “loudWith the first part, watched by more than 76 million families around the world, this captivating thriller, which follows the adventures of Asani Diop, played by Omar Sy, has become the most watched content on the platform in France. And this, from the first month of the first season’s broadcast, which was released on January 8, 2021, which, if it was able to invade France, also had an unprecedented international resonance.The second part was not left out, and Netflix So I ordered Part 3 of lupine; Something to delight fans of this modern gentleman, inspired by the fictional character Arsene Lupine, born from the pen of Maurice Leblanc.

lupine On Netflix: Omar Sy Dressed Up As The Thief Part 3

Although Part 2 of lupine, which was released on June 11, 2021, had not yet arrived Netflix That the platform announced as brilliantly the hero of the series that a third would follow, and its possible plot at the same time. The information was then verified by Omar Sy on Twitter:We cannot hide anything from you. The third part of Lupine has been confirmed!Posted on May 11th. and representativeuntouchables To specify, a few months later, he’s still on Twitter: “This is (always) Paris!” , By posting a photo showing the Eiffel Tower in the background. Before adding: “Lupin, Part 3, Filming Underway”. Proof that Assane Diop is preparing for his comeback, this selfie was taken when the first filming scenes began in the capital.

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Part 3 of lupine It will air in 2022 on Netflix

So when will we see season 3 of lupineWhich Sherine Boutella (Sofia Belkacem) announced that she will be “arrogant” ? Part 2 of lupine It arrived on June 11, just months after the series launched Netflix Jan 8. In January 2021, George Kay, the series’ co-creator, had revealed that he hoped Part 3 would see the light of day in 2022. That would make sense, after several months of filming and post-production.

What will we see in Part 3 of lupine ?

While waiting to be able to find the respected thief for a third round of exciting episodes, here are some clues Omar Sy left in an interview for Entertainment Weekly last July: “When you read novels, Lupine has a lot of accomplices. But in the show, he only has one, Benjamin. He needs more weapons, so he’ll have to hire some, as he does in season two with Philippe Courbet.” Announcing new characters to discover? On the other hand, fans of Arsene Lupine and Sherlock are still waiting to see the famous crossover that could happen between the two heroes.

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