‘When we talk about a series on Netflix, it talks to them’: In Mureaux, high school students listen to ‘Dix Pour Cent’ screenwriter

“Ah, that’s a great question!” Mehdi, 17, just asked her interviewer if the pressure is palpable on a daily basis in her job. Playing the comparison, Fanny Herrero replies: “It’s a bit like you when you read your text in front of your class, except I’m in front of 8 million viewers. . “

The screenwriter became known by creating “Dix Pour Cent”, the France 2 series that appeared on Netflix. It was she who imagined this dive behind the scenes of Seventh Art among clients grappling with the desires and whims of their stars.

Used to tell her story in front of the felt benches at Science Po, which she attended, Fanny Herrero changed her lessons on Monday. It was in the theater workshop at Jacques-Vaucanson High School in Moreau (Evelyn) that ten final year students of “Digital Systems” were waiting for him to question him. An educational project implemented by the Ile-de-France region and organized by the Candemarie Agency, promoting culture and its professions in the school.

“When we talk about a series on Netflix, it speaks to them.”

“I am very happy to be there, facing students who are less fortunate than most,” says the screenwriter who grew up in Var. There is a lot of self in our field. Here, our deals are not served on a platter, if you can prove that the doors are open here too, it will be won”…

For an hour and a half, I was under fire from questions from high school students, whether interviewers, photographers, or sound engineers. The video interview for this interview was moderated by a professional manager.

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“When we talk about a series on Netflix, it addresses them, getting to know their mentor Youssef Moghrabi. This kind of exercise under pressure relaxes those who have already thought about choosing an audiovisual career and ends up deciding those who are still hesitant.”

Before the interview, the 46-year-old screenwriter was as impatient as the young ones themselves. But less intimidating…

Last year, the screenwriter of the series “Engrenages” came along.

“We felt relaxed and friendly,” recognizes Malcolm, a 17-year-old from Mulan who was holding the camera. Personally, I want to be a photographer and the fact that people like her come to see our work in real life is fun. “

“I’m going to stay in IT as my dad was, but I heard in his speech that networks are too important to hack,” said Tom, who has found his school for the next year. I also enjoyed going behind the scenes in his profession. “

A mother of two (15 and 5 years old) also gave herself up without taboos, notably evoking the exhaustion that prompted her to stay away from the series “Ten Percent” In full glory at the end of season three. I’ve just written another Netflix series called “Funny,” which immerses itself in the stand-up world, following the fate of four young comedians, which comes out this spring.

Last year, the screenwriter of the detective series “Engrenages”, Marin Franco, came to discuss with the students of Jacques-Vaucanson High School. What awakens the calls since the second and then first-year students of the institution made a short film themselves. A small horror film that was shot in nearby Bécheville Castle and will be shown at the high school by the end of the school year.

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