When vaccination becomes mandatory in companies


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Morgan Stanley has a strict rule: everyone who enters offices must be vaccinated. This is valid for both employees and customers.

From Monday, July 12, employees and even visitors to the famous New York investment bank Morgan Stanley will be barred from entering the company’s offices if they are not vaccinated. This type of measure is in the process of being generalized to other US investment banks in New York, to other investment funds or to companies. We can’t say that there is a national law, here in the United States we are in a federal state where decisions are largely based either on private companies or on states or even provinces.

But there is a general tendency to force the population to be vaccinated. A few days ago in Houston, Texas, nearly 150 hospital workers were still not immunized and refused to do so. They simply received their dismissal letter, notes the journalist at France TV, Loïc de La Mornais.

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