When Trump was talking about turning the IRS on two FBI officials

Donald Trump, who continues to accuse his successor of using federal agencies to attack his enemies, spoke in 2018 of his desire to see the Internal Revenue Service investigate two FBI officials involved in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, according to the former chief of staff.

John Kelly made this claim Under oath in a suit filed by Peter Strzok, the lead FBI agent in the Russia investigation, and Lisa Page, the FBI attorney, against the Justice Department for violating their privacy by publishing the personal text messages.

“President Trump has questioned whether the Internal Revenue Service or other federal agencies should investigate Mr. Strzok and/or Ms. Page,” Mr. Kelly said in the sworn statement. I don’t know if President Trump has ordered such an investigation. However, he seems to want to investigate Mr. Strzok and Mrs. Big. »

the The New York Timesto whom we owe this Information, had already revealed in the past that two senior FBI officials, James Comey and Andrew McCabe, had been subjected to a rare and very thorough vetting process, without proving that Donald Trump was the cause. The newspaper does not know if Strzok and Page have been subject to the same kind of scrutiny. After Richard Nixon’s presidency, Congress made it illegal for the president to “directly or indirectly” order an IRS investigation or audit.

We’ll see if this new issue sparks interest from Republicans in Congress, who also accuse President Biden of using federal agencies to attack his enemies.

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