When motocross comes to Saint-Leu in a great coastal area!

Without noise or disturbance, motocross activity took place south of St. Leo on the Sable Valley side and near the famous Canyon du Trou, a very symbolic place in the fight for environmental preservation.

This totally illegal activity thrives with impunity on the ground that combines the following restrictions:

In a part of a strongly protected agricultural area (Ad), in a natural area (N) in the greater part of the local urban scheme

In the orange and red zone of the plan for the prevention of natural hazards (Flooding), in the immediate vicinity of the classified zone of La Pointe aux Ciel

As a wonderful coastal area in the regional development plan

Regardless of the ethics of this activity in the context of global warming and the looming unprecedented environmental crisis, this type of activity must take place in places permitted by regulations.

Despite this, this profitable activity without any license does not seem to shock anyone: first of all the municipality in which this activity is located, but also and first of all the state services, of which DEAL is first in charge. of litigation between town planning and the DAF regarding agriculture in the case of irrigated lands destined for agricultural production.

But where do these administrations tend to provoke the honest citizen who presents a building permit and whose permit has been denied for a few centimeters of excess or because architecture does not satisfy the architect of buildings in France who has nothing else to do than show its existence, but allow illegal and harmful activities Boom without hesitation!

Moreover, not only does the operator of this activity pollute this protected sector and change its nature, the operator of this activity extensively promotes the course of its history, undoubtedly, for the cultivation of quads or other motorcycles there in the absence of sticks and fetches.

We would like the mayor of this town, who fought not to open the Bois Blanc quarry, to protect the environment of this pristine, wonderful and rare region of the West Coast, to expend the same energy in punishing the illegal activities that thrive on his lands. Unless you think his work was opportunistic and his “eco” commitment has a variable geometry depending on where the wind is blowing…

In conclusion, in Reunion, the road to environmental awareness is still long, environmental conservation is a distant topic, and behind the facade of political discourse, real actions are scarce and non-structural.

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