When Joe Biden congratulates Ireland on winning the All Blacks (video)

Le Scan Sport. The President of the United States, who is proud of his Irish roots, invited the XV of Clover players to congratulate them on the achievement.

«I am proud of you!Joe Biden, who did not miss the opportunity to talk about his Irish origins, invited the Irish rugby team to congratulate them on their victory over New Zealand, according to a video clip broadcast by several media outlets.

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For its part, the Irish Rugby Union posted on Twitter a picture of this exchange, in which the players are shown in their hotel, facing a phone screen, with this comment:Surprisingly POTUS is calling the team after today’s win against the All Blacks!POTUS stands forPresident of the United StatesThe White House confirmed the call on Sunday, which took place on Saturday.

The video shows Joe Biden, in a dark jacket and pants, sitting on the armrest of an armchair, between his sister Valerie and brother James, who he introduces to his interlocutors with a smartphone. Joe Biden spent the weekend at the Camp David residence and returned to the White House midday Sunday. “Congratulations to you guys!The president releases the players and tells them that heVery proud“Them. Cheers are heard at the other end of the link.”We like a lotGlad Joe Biden, who had already written to the squad to cheer him up before the meeting, recalled that former 15th linebacker Clover, Rob Kearney, was his cousin.

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«What was the end result again?asks James “Jim” Biden. “29-22“, Joe Biden intervenes, in front of his interlocutor, whose identity has not been revealed, does not bring back the good characters. Ireland beat New Zealand for the third time in its history with a score of 29 to 20, on Saturday in Dublin, after a heroic match. We also hear a voice that evokes a possible visit for the White House.”I can fix thatThis is Joe Biden.

The chief gladly remembers his Irish roots, going back to ancestors on the maternal side, and it is he who cultivates the image of a simple and spontaneous man, as well as a fervent Catholic. Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where many Irish Americans live, Joe Biden is easily quoted by Irish poets. He also sometimes wears a tie decorated with shamrocks, the symbol of the country.

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