When is the second season?

This is the series that is hugely successful for the time being
: ” the one “, A pure and challenging dystopia similar to the “black mirror”, in which the film’s protagonists develop in the near future and undergo DNA tests resulting from scientific research, which makes it possible to facilitate romantic encounters. Kind of “Married at First Sight”, without the wedding dress, wedding rings, bouquet, and everything that goes with it. Here, the universe is much darker. At the origin of the famous DNA tests, we found a businesswoman who explained before Hannah Weir. But his amazing system has its drawbacks, because one day it will facilitate an encounter that will result in a murder …

This summary, we owe it to John Mars, the author of the origin of the novel that inspired the series, also titled “The One” (or “Souls” in French). Screenwriter Howard Overman took on the task of adapting his story to the screen. Halfway between thriller and science fiction, the first season, consisting of eight episodes, has been a hit around the world since its release on March 12, 2021. In Belgium, it is currently ranked seventh. Netflix. What is encouraging producers and the broadcast platform to renew the show with new numbers?

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At the moment, nothing has been formalized. But season 1 appears not yet to address all of the book’s intrigue. Additionally, the final episode ends with an important revelation … that bodes well for the sequel.

On this topic, the main actress of the series, Hannah Weir (translator Rebecca Webb) announces to the British site Express.co.uk
: ” I think that [la série] It is particularly fertile ground for a host of interesting intrigues to unfold once again […] There is always hope when you have a good experience, but never know. It’s really hard to trust a sequel because, like you’ve tried it before, you can be very disappointed. “

Zoe Taber, the actress who plays Detective Kate, also has an interview Express.co.uk, She says she is “excited” to know the fate of her character. “We are starting to see cracks forming.” She said. “I like the idea that slowly but surely everything is going to fall apart.” Regarding the relationship between her character and the “twin” character of Jana Perez, she says: “As the series progresses, you start to realize how different these two women are. It doesn’t mean that they cannot relate on an emotional or romantic level. […], But their perceptions of morality and duty seem somewhat similar. […] And I think that might start to piss off Kate, and create some problems. “

While waiting to learn more, the eight episodes of “The One” are still available on Netflix.

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