When George Santos compares himself to Rosa Parks

Elected last November after lying about nearly every aspect of his life and indicted for fraud last May, George Santos added to his legend by comparing himself to Rosa Parks, a pioneer of the US civil rights movement. During a podcast hosted by an alt-right personality, the New York actor blasted Republicans who attacked him, especially Mitt Romney.

Santos recalled his altercation with the Utah senator before Joe Biden’s last State of the Union address. Romney notably criticized him for not sitting in the last row, given the fact that he didn’t even deserve to be in the orbit of the House’s circulation.

“Honestly, Mitt Romney, the guy who walks to the State of the Union address wearing the Ukraine badge, told me, like a Latino, that I shouldn’t be sitting in the front and I should be in the back,” said George Santos. Hosted by Mike Crespi. “Well guess what? Rosa Parks didn’t sit in the back and I won’t sit in the back either. That’s the way things are.”

naturally. Rosa Parks and George Santos same fight.

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