When Facebook doesn’t know what to watch

A few months ago, Facebook, thinking it was fighting fake news, It decided to censor articles raising the possibility that COVID-19 came from a Chinese laboratory.

So Facebook believed that it was cleaning up democratic norms, especially since this thesis was linked to the “extreme right”, and even worse, to the “conspiracy”!

We know that it suffices to stick such a label that it suddenly becomes infrequent. This is how one expels an idea from public life and avoids discussing a hypothesis. These designations are used for distortion.

Coronavirus disease

But a week ago a surprise !!! We learned that this hypothesis is back in public debate and should be seriously considered. Joe Biden himself is seriously considering that.

Suddenly, Facebook decided to “cancel its censorship.”

To say that this thesis was false news, so it was therefore false news?

Personally, I have no idea where COVID is coming from and I will believe those who will provide the most documented explanation. I trust the scientific authorities.

But I have an idea, however, about the censorship of social media: It’s toxic and undemocratic, and those who claim to fight fake news inadvertently change themselves – but every now and then, they might know it – they – by activists wanting to control ideas. Circulating in public life.

Facebook like Twitter and YouTube must feel a little awkward before giving itself the right to monitor offensive thoughts or people.

Let them see this as a good lesson.


Let’s go further: Collectively, we should warn of a little awkwardness before accommodating the far right or plotting thoughts that bother us.

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Before we call it to make it dirty, we can examine it and discuss it.

For their part, social networks must remember that they are not the keepers of the truth.

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