When are the final episodes scheduled on Netflix?

“All bad things come to an end,” declares a poster from last season. It will be broadcast from next school year.

When FOX canceled The devil, a fiery adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comics, Netflix has decided to buy back the rights. Since then, the series has met with increasing success with audiences, to the point that Netflix decided to extend production even further. Initially, even after being rescued, Lucifer was scheduled to complete at the end of his season 5. This was also what was expected before the offerThe script is divided into five chapters. But Netflix has finally ordered a season 6. And the wait won’t be too long: it will air starting at the start of the 2021 school year.

“All bad things have an end”

Season 5 has been split into two phases: 8 episodes in August 2020, and 8 episodes in May 2021. While it just ended just three months ago, Season 6 will already be broadcast on YouTube. September 10 Next on Netflix.

This is what announces a poster distributed by the magazine exclusively TV line, and entitled All bad things come to an end »- So now it is clear that unless there is a potential show, this is the last round of the series, which has been broadcasting since 2016.

Lucifer Season Six Poster. // Source: Netflix / TVLine

This poster also confirms two things: The season will do well for 10 episodes, and they will be available live, in one game. All the cast will be back too, – Eve’s not in the picture but she will most likely be there too.

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The devil It has improved over time, going from a funny and hot cop show to a more complex reflection on the non-Manes, ego, and weight of family legacies. The Coming of God, in Season 2, Season 2, showed that the Heavenly Family is just as dysfunctional as any other—although it’s usually rare for a family dinner to cause a thunderstorm throughout the neighborhood.

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