WhatsApp simplifies group management and officially publishes its communities

The instant messaging app has just started spreading WhatsApp communities around the world. This new function, which is similar to the discussion forum system, aims to simplify the management of group conversations.

Announced at the beginning of the year by Meta, WhatsApp Communities Finally in the app. After several months of testing, instant messaging welcomes this new feature that promises to simplify managing group discussions. You will now be able to create a community (aka a group) where existing group chats can be grouped and new ones created. A process reminiscent of the good old discussion forums.

The end of the hardship of managing group conversations

Until now, The WhatsApp Mix up your personal conversations as well as group discussions with your classmates, parents of students at your children’s school, or members of your sports team. An old system undoubtedly caused users who posted a message in the wrong group to get cold sweats. With societies, this problem is becoming a thing of the past. You will be able to create (or join) a community (ie a group) in which discussion groups will be registered. You can then easily switch from one community to another to participate in the conversation of your choice, without the risk of making a mistake.

The feature, which is available on iOS and Android, can be accessed from the dedicated community tab. All of your communities (and group chats) can be stored there.

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Communities that respect your privacy

Your WhatsApp account works with your phone number, what about your privacy? In addition to simplified management of your discussion groups, the community function will allow you to chat with other people, without revealing your number to them. Only community administrators will be aware of this information. They will also have full powers of the community they run. They will be able to add or delete members, or even edit posted messages, in particular by deleting them. Administrators will also be able to send an important message to all members of the community they run.

Custom Jobs for Communities

In parallel with publishing communities, WhatsApp has just formalized the posting of three new functions. You will now be able to create polls in discussions, make video calls with up to 32 participants, and accommodate up to 1024 members per group.

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The Other features that WhatsApp introduced a few months agoThe ability to send 2GB files or use emojis to respond to posted messages will also be usable within communities.

Communities are currently being rolled out globally. So it may not be accessible right away from your WhatsApp account. However, the messaging app indicates that it will be gradually available to all users “in the coming months”.

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