WhatsApp publishes a job for you to write for yourself

Whatsapp d

The app, which was bought by Facebook for more than $20 billion in 2011, continues to evolve with updates.

The app recently launched a very unique and seemingly unknown new feature which is the ability to chat with yourself.

It allows you to chat with yourself by sending messages, photos, videos, etc.

To share a shopping list, a reminder, or to facilitate the transfer of photos and videos, WhatsApp allows you to send messages. Moreover, WhatsApp now sends a warning every time a user sends a photo, video, GIF, or documents.

Messages you send to each other are synced across all devices. This function is very convenient to recover data between different devices, using iPhone, but running on Windows PC. In addition to text messages, the latest update also supports sending files such as photos, videos, and documents.

This function thus allows you to create a private discussion thread with yourself in the app to store personal notes that can be written or verbally as well as media (audio, photos and videos).

Over the past couple of months, this new Message to Yourself feature has been gradually rolling out. It appeared in the patch notes for the latest version of the app, which will be released this week.

Messages to Yourself works and looks like normal conversations. To message yourself on WhatsApp, all you have to do is open a new conversation and write a new message. You can then select your contact who will appear at the top of the list in order to feed your introspective conversation.

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You should know that the messages you send to yourself on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted.