WhatsApp provides more options with temporary messages

WhatsApp teams have decided to offer more options with temporary messages. Thanks to this new update, users will be able, for example, to activate temporary messages by default in all their conversations. New disappearance times are also available.

Credits: WhatsApp

While that The FBI recently made WhatsApp one of the most data-hungry apps, IM teams have just announced more options for temporary messages. In fact, since August 2021, The app offers ephemeral Snapchat-style messages.

Via a blog post on the official WhatsApp website, the developers explain the various changes that have been made. First, users now have the choice Activate by default for temporary messages in all discussions, including group chats. Messages will disappear after the selected delay. However, WhatsApp states that this feature is optional and that it does not modify or delete any of your existing chats.

If you choose to enable temporary messages by default, we display a message in your conversations to let the people you’re talking to know about it. So we point out that you have chosen this method to communicate with all your contacts on WhatsApp. Of course, if you want to keep messages from a particular conversation, you can easily change your choiceā€¯, Explanation of the application difference.

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WhatsApp adds additional latency times

On the other hand, WhatsApp now includes new disappearing times. In addition to the seven-day period that has been introduced since the feature was launched, users will now be able to choose a period 24 hours or 90 days. In other words, we will have to wait more for shorter deadlines.

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We are convinced that ephemeral messaging and end-to-end encryption are essential features of today’s private messaging service, and bring us one step closer to a personal conversation experience,” I assure the developers on the official blog. Reminder, Soon it will be possible to delete messages without a time limit. Until then, the user can only delete the most recent messages.

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