WhatsApp Desktop now supports video calls with up to 8 participants and 32 voices

Meta has just launched a new update for the desktop version of WhatsApp that increases the number of participants in group calls. From now on, it will be possible to add up to 8 people in a video call and up to 32 in a voice call from your computer. enough to keep up with the mobile version.

Credits: Meta

If the heart of WhatsApp is already in its messaging system and in particular in its end-to-end encryption, Meta is focusing more and more on calls. Recently, for example, we saw that it adds to its iOS version a PiP mode in video calls, a feature that users have been waiting for for a long time. But more than that, the company is focusing specifically on conference calls.

In fact, the messenger no longer hides its ambitions to infiltrate the professional circles by competing with the big names in this sector such as Teams, Google Meet or Zoom, among others. It has also gradually increased the number of participants that can be invited to the call. As of now, 32 people can simultaneously join a video call.

WhatsApp Desktop is slowly catching up to the mobile version

However, this ability is reserved for the Android and iOS versions of the app. On the desktop, users have long been restricted to this area. A bug that came dead to be fixed this week. In a blog post, Mark Zuckerberg’s group announced that it’s rolling out a new update for Windows users that finally increases the number of participants in group calls.

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The latter will thus be able to increase up to 8 in video calls and 32 in voice calls. So, we’re still under the limit on mobile, but it’s still a huge improvement. We will continue to increase these limits over time so that you can always stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues.adds meta.

In addition, this new version also improves the performance of the app, especially when syncing with other devices. Meta has finally announced the arrival of a beta version of WhatsApp for Android tablets and Mac.

source : meta

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