WhatsApp can let you choose the quality of sent videos الفيديو

The messaging app has sent its next update to the Google Play Beta Program. If we believe WaBetaInfo, then this future update will allow you to choose the quality of the videos sent.

The WhatsApp

The WhatsApp

The WhatsApp trying to update. Recently, the messaging app Try multi-device mode. She also has Opened its doors for shopping, regarding Facebook Marketplace.

But if we believe the app analysis website WaBetaInfo with the green logo, WhatsApp won’t forget that it’s a messaging app too. Its next update is coming to be sent to the beta program for google appsAnd you can expect a new feature to send videos.

Video Weight Shock Pressure

It would have taken WhatsApp several years before finding the formula that suits it, but that’s it, we should be able to choose the quality of the downloaded videos in our chats. We can also be surprised that it took so long, given that WhatsApp already has an option to save data on calls for years.

Of course, this is just a project of a future modernization, which may not see the light of day. It may be rejected by Google Play, or WhatsApp may decide not to continue with it. But if nothing changes, here’s what it might look like:

Source: WaBetaInfo

Source: WaBetaInfo

As can be seen from this screenshot from WaBetaInfo, three options can be presented before uploading the video now.

  • Auto (recommended)
  • best quality
  • Data backup

Valuable data

Obviously, we can either let WhatsApp manage the pressure automatically, just as the app has done so far. We can also require that the pressure be as low as possible with the second option.

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Finally, the third possibility might involve additional compression of the video file, making it less greedy for precious data. Of course, if this update expires, this option will only make sense if your mobile data is activated. According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp will not really compress unless you have previously enabled it on Android.

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